Sunday, October 2, 2016

Happy October! Fall is here and we are settling in for some fantastic learning!

Hello, Third Grade Families!
Please Mark Your Calendars:
Oct. 5-National Walk/Bike to School
Oct.7- 3-5 Assembly 7:35am
Oct. 10- No School!  Parent Conference Day
Oct. 13- Fall Pictures
Oct. 18- Reading Under the Stars
Oct. 20-Kona Ice After School
Oct. 21-3-5 Assembly 7:35am
Oct. 22- Campus Clean Up
Oct. 26- Early Release 12:00
Oct. 31- Literacy Character Dress Up Day

In Math we are entering Unit 3: Revisiting Multiplication Concepts and Introducing Multiplication Fact Strategies (Use tens and Doubles)

In Language Arts, we will be starting our Poetry Unit!

In Science, our focus will be finishing Matter/Mixtures and Moving to Energy. Then we will begin gravity and Force and Motion.

Social Studies will focus on Good Citizenship and learn about organizations that work for the good of the community (ex. Red Cross).

We are excited to announce that our school will host our Annual Book Character Day on Monday, October 31st!

Children may dress as a character from a story with whom they book-character-008make a text-to-self connection. This means your child can link something about the book character to his/her life and experiences. This book needs to be in your child’s book box at school, a book from home, or a book read by the teacher to the class.For example: In the book Wemberly Worried, Wemberly worries about having no one attend her birthday party. Your child may have experienced a similar feeling and could connect to how Wemberly felt in the story.Please work with your child to plan a simple homemade costume…no need to purchase one!   Just do your best to gather an assortment of hats, clothing, or other props to create a homemade costume. Face and hair paint, blood, masks, weapons or scary characters are not permitted.

Kindergarten will host a parade at 8:00 am for all students to enjoy! We encourage our kindergarten families to attend. We look forward to an exciting day of fun book characters from some really amazing books!

We are enjoying teaching and watching your children discover and learn!

If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher.

Thank you for sharing them with us!

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